5 reasons to hire a specialist timeshare solicitor
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Scrabble pieces spelling law

5 reasons to hire a specialist timeshare solicitor

If you are considering leaving your timeshare contract, your first question may well be: “How do I go about this?”. Timeshare law is notorious for its complicated wording and clauses meaning many people can be left trapped in unwanted timeshare contracts. Here are our top five reasons for why you should act now and hire a specialist timeshare solicitor to work on your behalf to free you from your unwanted timeshare.

1 | Timeshare contracts are complicated

As we mentioned above, timeshare contracts are extremely difficult to understand to the untrained eye. This is purposefully done to make it harder for people like yourself to exit your timeshare and free yourself of the unwanted burden. On your own, you may well miss essential parts of your contract that are key to your release. For example, illegal ‘in perpetuity’ clauses that can make your contract void. An expert timeshare solicitor will have dealt with hundreds of timeshare contracts and will know how to go through yours with close attention to detail to pull out the wording and any illegal clauses and fight to free you from your contract.

2 | Timeshare resorts will try and stop you

In the past, timeshare resorts were selling their units very well and making good profits from annual maintenance fees. Timeshare companies would usually happily re-buy properties if owners were struggling to afford them because they knew they could easily sell the unit again. However, in recent years, this situation has drastically changed. Fewer people are buying into a timeshare, and many people want out of their contracts. This situation leaves timeshare resorts desperate to hang on to their owners.  Despite it being awful for their reputations and the reputation of timeshare generally, resorts often simply refuse to allow people out of their contracts even if it is clear they are not managing to keep up with the yearly rising costs. Without the help of a specialist timeshare solicitor, resorts can use scare tactics and threaten to counter-sue if you suggest you want to end your contract early. They may push back and try and bend your will to convince you that you can’t win on your own. With a specialist timeshare solicitor acting on your behalf, you will have peace of mind that you are operating legally and will not be faced with even more financial worry. They can have those difficult conversations with the resort for you.

3 | A solicitor can fight for compensation

In some cases, it’s not just a fact of a solicitor getting you out of an unwanted contract. Many people that have worked with timeshare solicitors have been amazed to find that their timeshare contracts contained illegal clauses which can often result in the timeshare resort actually owing them compensation money. A timeshare solicitor will be able to spot unlawful and misleading wording in your contract and fight to claim you the compensation money that you deserve.

4 | Your time is precious

It may be a cliched saying, but it is true: your time is precious. On your own, it could take months or even years of letters, phone calls and hours of your own time back and forth with the timeshare resort company. Without specialist advice, all of this time spent trying to get out on your own could lead to nothing, and you could still be legally bound to pay any fees that have been building up during that period. If you work with a trusted timeshare solicitor, they are trained in timeshare law and can work quickly and efficiently to fight your case. In the meantime, you can carry on with your life as normal and be free from the stress and worry of going it alone.

5 | You need to think of your future

Even though it can be tempting to put off the problem of timeshare you really must act now to exit your contract if it is something you no longer want. The longer you wait, the more in fees you will owe and the chances of the timeshare impacting on your family and loved ones increases. Whether this is through the chance of the burden being passed on to them when you’re no longer here, or them having to see you in distress with worry it isn’t worth keeping your timeshare. A good timeshare solicitor will ensure that your contract is wholly cancelled without a trace. There will be no implications left for your family, and you will have total piece of mind that you are completely and legally free of your timeshare burden.

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