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Breaking News | Seth Lovis has ceased trading

Seth Lovis & Co Solicitors Limited has now ceased all trading operations.

Seth Lovis will not be accepting any new client matters regarding timeshare complaints and all existing complaints will be represented by a law firm that they find on behalf of their clients. For any clients currently in the process of a complaint with Seth Lovis you may well be concerned about how your case will progress now trading has stopped abruptly.

Seth Lovis has attempted to reassure clients on their website saying “the firm has taken steps to ensure that you have ongoing representation by a firm who is expert in the relevant area of law” However, you may well decide that you would rather now choose your own expert advice and work with a solicitor that you can research yourself and one that you can put total faith in.

If you decide you want your matter to be handled by a new firm of your own choosing, you can contact Seth Lovis to get back your files. The information from them is as follows: “The new firm will require a signed letter of authority from you. You should make contact with the firm you have been advised have received your file and they will arrange for the new firm to sign a lien for any costs that are outstanding in respect of the work already done and pass the file over.”

We can help you with the process of moving over to us, so please don’t worry if you have concerns or confusions about how you will continue your case.

Why choose Athena Law?

Here at Athena law, we can give you independent timeshare legal advice. Our team of dedicated, expert timeshare solicitors will work closely with you to carefully consider your case and advise you on your legal rights. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position who have left us testimonials about their positive experience with us.

If you have a case with Seth Lovis that you are worried about now they have ceased trading, get in touch and we may be able to help you too. We promise to beat any quote you are given and if we feel there are strong grounds for your case we may be willing to represent you on a no win no fee basis.

Choose Athena Law

Get in touch with Athena Law today for professional, friendly advice that you can really trust. Stephen Boyd is a top UK timeshare solicitor and has helped many hundreds of timeshare owners over the years. He has extensive experience helping to release clients from inherently unfair and unenforceable timeshare contracts, and bringing claims to win compensation for clients. With a strong network of barristers and lawyers in other jurisdictions, Stephen Boyd can ensure that all clients of Athena’s rights are robustly defended.

Who is Stephen Boyd?

Stephen Boyd is one of the owners and co-founders of Athena Law, a firm of solicitors regulated by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

Mr Boyd has been practising in commercial and consumer litigation for 15 years and has developed a niche practice in dealing with timeshare disputes. In fact, Mr Boyd was one of the first UK Solicitors to work in this area and has appeared in all forms of media including television, print and radio. See below for some of his appearances:

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Stephen Boyd of Athena Law, specialist timeshare solicitor

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