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Eze Group Ltd Has Finally Been Convicted of Their Fraudulent Trading Practises

We have some good news in the world of Timeshares; the former company Eze Group Ltd’s directors Dominic O’Reilly and his step-daughter Stephanie O’Reilly have finally been sentenced for their offences that were committed under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. These regulations have been put in place to protect customers against fraudulent or misleading trading practises.

Eze Group Ltd was under concern for their use of Leisure Credits in Timeshare; a smart, but an unethical way of pressurising clients into trading in their already-existing timeshares (perpetuity or not) that had high maintenance fees for a new contract that could release them from their financial burden. These clients, who were mostly old and vulnerable were enforced into buying Eze Group’s Lifestyle Concierge Packages with a total excess of £422,000 and a strict no-cancellation policy.

Their sales techniques, although a complete scam, were found to have convinced their clients to attend a ‘free’ mini break in which they had to attend a presentation that lasted approximately 8 hours and was filled with manipulative and coerce reasons on why the clients should purchase said packages. 

Although many clients made complaints on Eze Group’s bullying of consumers and The Trading Standards approached them on several occasions warning them that clients have to be entitled to cancellation rights for their packages, the O’Reilly’s continued to stop clients from relinquishing their contracts with them or give them refunds. 

Subsequently, The Eze Group, a brand made up on several companies have been convicted by Judge Laurence Creed under the 2008 Act in Birmingham earlier this year. The Father has been sentenced to 28 months imprisonment and the Step-daughter, 18 months imprisonment; there are several convictions that they may have been accused of which you can find more details on over on our website.

This has been a timely matter for the Eze Group which dates back to May 2013, where such newspapers as the Telegraph had allowed businesses such as ourselves to mediate their wrongfulness in Timeshare scamming, and only six years later has the company got its comeuppance.

Are you being scammed through the use of similar sales?

If you, too are in the midst of being mis-sold your already-existing timeshares or other products of the same nature, you are not alone; “Whilst work by the industry and law enforcement agencies have gone a long way in shutting down unscrupulous operations, some still linger, and scams have become more sophisticated and harder for consumers to identify.”

This is a common occurrence since the information being sold to timeshare owners is factually correct but is very easy to misinterpret and deceptive from deals etc. Now, with the 2008 Regulations, there is an obligation that these companies mustn’t give information to their clients that is unclear, misleading or untrue. We have found information that withholds words such as ‘termination’, ‘trade’ or ‘lawyer’ ubiquitous in timeshare termination or trade-in service’s contracts which can easily persuade a consumer to sign a contract with them. 

How Athena Law can help

If you require advice or guidance on how to relinquish the contract that has been pushed upon yourself by misleading sales tactics, we will be happy to help you. We are a team of highly experienced lawyers with expert knowledge on timeshare law and everything that comes with it, and we will do our utmost to relinquish you from your Timeshare or re-sold timeshare contract. 

If clients have a viable claim that we have identified through our free consultation, we offer a wide range of retainer options that do include a no win no fee preference. As you can see from our high success rates, we bespoke our service entirely to each client so that we can give them the best possible outcome. 

Get in contact today on 01618 398847 or through our website, and we can fight your situation together. 

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