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Fact or Myth? Cold Caller Lies.

We are starting to document the lies being told by cold callers. 

Club la cost is in liquidation

CLC is UK plc and not in liquidation

We can get your money back form Barclays in respect of your azure timeshare

You were only incorporated 3 months ago and are not regulated. Bank claims cannot be undertaken by non regulated businesses who are prohibited from cold calling

It does not matter that you surrendered your diamond timeshare you are on a register and they are about to be sued

If you have entered into a binding surrender with Diamond you have no liability. The "Register" is merely a list of timeshare owners which has somehow fallen into the hands of a cold caller....

It doesn't matter if you did not pay EZE Group by credit card we are taking a group action in Spain

Eze Group is in liquidation and has no assets. You cannot claim against a company in liquidation

You are a cold caller. UK Group Actions involve complex litigation. Litigation is Reserved Business and can only be undertaken by Solicitors and Barristers, neither of who are allowed to cold call potential clients

Diamond resorts is a perpetuity contract

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