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How to exit your timeshare agreement legally.

Who can be affected by timeshare?

Timeshare companies and resorts have, in the past, been associated with very well off, older buyers who have chosen to purchase a timeshare agreement as a retirement holiday plan. We don’t usually imagine young people or families buying into timeshare agreements; however, this simply isn’t the case any longer. Timeshare resorts can trap people into unwanted contracts no matter their age, profession or situation. Young families are often the target of timeshare advertising with companies claiming they can simplify the holiday experience for them with their young children and take away the stress of holiday planning – even Disney now sells a vacation club to young families. Single, young people who love to travel can also fall victim to manipulative advertising of timeshares that haven’t been made entirely clear to them. Whoever you are, and whatever situation you may have been in when you purchased your timeshare agreement your lifestyle and status is very likely to have changed. It may be that your children’s interests have altered since your purchase and the resort you originally signed with doesn’t fit with your lifestyle any more. It may be that you have decided to start a family, change career or your financial situation is different, all of which may mean that you can no longer keep your timeshare agreement. Many resorts have ruthless salespeople who will scam intelligent, professional people into purchasing a timeshare without making clear the full extent of the implications the contract they are signing will have on their futures.

Timeshare exit lawyers are seeing more and more people who are desperate to leave these contracts that are becoming a significant burden on their finances and lifestyle choices. It may be that you want to be able to find cheaper holidays, have more flexibility or that travel isn’t such a priority for you – whatever your reason we understand that it can be extremely stressful and incredibly frustrating to feel bound into a contract that you simply no longer want.

Why is it so difficult to exit your timeshare?

Timeshare resorts rely on the fact that timeshare law is very confusing and difficult to understand. They are well-known for being incredibly complicated contracts to get out of due to the intricacies of the legalities written into them. Many timeshares bind you into long-term contracts or make it so difficult to sell your timeshare that people just give up trying, (despite having been told it would be easy to sell their timeshare at the point of purchase). While it is possible to try and go down one these routes of selling your timeshare or disputing your contract alone, it is nearly impossible to find the parts of the agreement that will help you legally exit. This is where a specialist timeshare exit lawyer can help. A timeshare exit specialist will be able to scrutinise your contract to find any flaws that can help you legally exit your contract. For example, any contracts that have no specified end date or exceed 50 years are now deemed illegal, and this will mean a timeshare lawyer can find this information tied within your contract to help release you from it. These contracts have seen claimants win compensation from their timeshare as well as being released from their contracts.

Of course, not every contract has breaches of the law within it, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get out of your agreement. By working with a timeshare exit specialist, you will have a much better case and be much more likely to win and reclaim your freedom back. Although there are costs associated with a specialist lawyer, it is worth it when you consider the maintenance costs you are already paying out for on top of other associated costs – not to mention the hours of time you will save by working with someone who knows exactly what to look for in your contract. It is crucial to research the timeshare lawyers you want to work with on your case. Find a company that knows what they are doing and has a proven track record of helping people in your circumstance.

What are my next steps to exit my timeshare?

Get in touch with Athena Law today for professional, friendly advice that you can really trust. Our team of dedicated, expert timeshare solicitors will work closely with you to carefully consider your case and advise you on your legal rights. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position, and we may be able to help you with your timeshare exit too. We promise to beat any quote you are given and if we feel there are strong grounds for your case we may be willing to represent you on a no win no fee basis.

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