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So, you want to cancel your timeshare contract? You’re not alone in choosing that path – in fact, in 2016 it was reported that timeshares were being cancelled at a rate of 6 every single day, and the number has only increased since then.

There are a multitude of reasons why so many people are seeking to escape their timeshare contracts. From rising maintenance fees, to a change in life circumstances, a desire to travel to different destinations or the resort not being kept to a high enough standard – the list goes on. Whatever your personal reason for choosing to exit your timeshare contract, we’re going to be looking at the steps you need to take to cancel.

Find a reputable timeshare solicitor to help you.

When purchasing your contract, as you are probably familiar with, there is an abundance of help and support for you at the start. Companies to take care of the paperwork and to speed up the process are not hard to find before you ‘sign on the dotted line’. However, when you’re on the other side and you decide you no longer want your timeshare it becomes a lot more difficult to navigate your contract.

Timeshare scams are on the rise, and it is more important than ever to work with an SRA regulated solicitor to avoid you handing over yet more money for no help at all.

A timeshare solicitor will understand the complexities of your timeshare contract and will be able to source the information needed to help you legally cancel without breaking the law. In many cases, a solicitor can file for compensation if you feel your timeshare was missold, or if you possess an in perpetuity (an illegal) contract.

What options are available to me to cancel my timeshare contract?

There are various different options out there to cancel your timeshare. You can try firstly to speak with your resort and ask the question about leaving. Never, ever just stop paying your fees, but it may be the case that you are eligible to give your timeshare back to the resort you purchased it from; eligibility usually results from poor health or inability to travel so it is always worth having an open conversation first.

If your timeshare resort is difficult or refuses, you could try selling your timeshare on. A few people are successful with this, unfortunately, due to the over-saturated market many find it impossible even to give their timeshare away and waste lots of time trying to sell.

By far the quickest and more secure option to cancel your timeshare contract is to work with an SRA regulated solicitor. There are SRA professionals out there, like us, who know exactly how to help you get out of your restricting timeshare contract. By hiring an experienced professional, you can get the expert help you need quickly meaning that you get out of the timeshare efficiently with no more worry or frustrations.

A specialist in timeshare law will be able to review your case and help you understand:

  • Your legal rights in your particular case
  • Any illegal breaches of contract – (for example timeshares that exceed 50 years)
  • What your best options are and the next steps available to you
  • How you can legally and most efficiently relinquish your timeshare
  • How you can legally pursue a potential claim against a timeshare company

How do I cancel my timeshare contract?

Get in touch with Athena Law today for professional, friendly advice that you can really trust. Stephen Boyd is our timeshare solicitor here at Athena Law, and having represented many hundreds of timeshare owners over the years, has extensive experience helping to release clients from inherently unfair and unenforceable timeshare contracts.

Mr Boyd has years of experience in this industry and is SRA regulated timeshare solicitors.

We promise to beat any quote you are given and if we feel there are strong grounds for your case we may be willing to represent you on a no win no fee basis.

Call 0161 839 8847 today

Email stephen.boyd@athlaw.co.uk or,

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We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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