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Justice 4 Limited (abbreviated as J4) was formed in Bridgend in Wales in 2013. J4 was one of the very first companies to offer clients across the UK a claims management service that would recover compensation from the courts in Spain.

J4 promised a wide range of services to its clients, typically for an upfront cost to issue claims in Spain – their payment would then, in turn, come from a percentage of the successful claim amount. J4 offered to take on the responsibility of reviewing any relevant documentation, arranging translations and the notarisation of any critical documents. They also claimed they would liaise between the Spanish Lawyers and the clients to communicate effectively and manage the claim through the complex Spanish legal system (as well as taking care of admin involving paying all the required court costs, lawyer fees and actually briefing the Spanish Lawyers).

However, in the October of 2017, just four years after their incorporation, they went into liquidation owing a colossal £850,000 to their creditors. Following the liquidation of the company, there have been numerous complaints brought forward that suggest that claims in Spain had not been started or followed through by J4. Spanish Lawyers had not been paid nor any work to progress a claim begun and therefore many clients had paid out money for work to further their claim and J4 simply hadn’t honoured their agreement.

In several of these cases, it has been found that J4 had been paid upfront fees as far as three years ago and had not acted on behalf of the client to pursue the claims. In some cases, J4 had received invoices from the Spanish Lawyers who were confident they could win a case, but they did not pay the lawyer fee or further the claim, resulting in claims not progressing. On top of this, J4 had been charging their clients, on average, three times over the cost of the Spanish Lawyers meaning they were already set to make a hidden profit from their clients.

On the whole, J4 clients have found that unless they paid their initial fee via credit card, they have been unable to reclaim their money and are left in the uncomfortable dilemma of forking out yet more cash or, deciding to stop their pursuit of what may have been a valid compensation claim. Many J4 clients have been left with no hope of any financial recovery, due to the liquidation of the company. However, if a client paid via credit card, there is hope of financial recovery for clients. Credit card providers, according to section 75 of the consumer credit act, are jointly and severally liable to their clients if there has been misrepresentation or a breach of contract. Clients have to identify, in some detail, the proof that there have been breaches of contract. In a successful claim, clients can hope to see a full refund of all their money paid out to J4 plus the amount of 7% interest addition (per annum).

Some cases of this nature against Judice 4 Limited have already been successfully won, and there will be many more to follow suit to recover money lost in the liquidation of this company.

How can we help?

If you have had dealings with J4 and have concerns as to whether or not your claim in Spain has been progressed we can help.

We will review your case free of charge. If you paid J4 a deposit by credit card we will be willing to act for you on a no win no fee basis in pursuing a claim against your bank/credit card provider.

As part of our service we will also assess your underlying timeshare problems and endeavour to give you the most cost-effective solution to these problems.

At Athena Law, we have helped many clients who have complained about being sold timeshare contracts as “an investment”. We are also dealing with a growing number of clients making complaints against unregulated companies offering legal services in this area.

If you have found this article interesting and would like to learn more about how Athena Law can help you, please feel free to contact the writer, Stephen Boyd, at:  stephen.boyd@athlaw.co.uk.

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