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Navigating the complexities of Timeshare
Navigating the complexities of Timeshare

Navigating the complexities of Timeshare

Timeshare and complex are two words which are almost synonymous with one another these days. Although getting into a timeshare contract is a complete breeze, taking what seems like only a moment to finalise, getting back out again is significantly more difficult. Often, it can feel like an obstacle course trying to navigate through the complexities of your timeshare contract and leave you feeling utterly trapped.

This article will explore what some of those complexities are and why it is often so hard to say goodbye to a timeshare contract for good. We will aim to shed some light on some of the difficulties you can face by looking at three client case studies we have worked with below.

Case study examples of our Clients  

Client 1 – Wanting to exit a contract when a timeshare company does not allow it.

The first client we will explore owned their timeshare happily for a number of years. Circumstances changed, as in life they often do, and having made a choice to exit their contract for personal reasons, they made the sensible decision to approach their timeshare company, Vistana, to talk about their options for leaving. Despite approaching Vistana on numerous occasions, they were offered absolutely no assistance in relinquishing ownership. They were left in a trapping situation of having no option to hand their timeshare back, no help with resale and a contract that lasted for years which they no longer wanted.  

Unfortunately, this happens in far too many cases. While some timeshare companies can be reasonable and will help in some instances, many try and hold on to owners for as long as possible. The reason for this is that the longer they can keep an owner, the more money they can take from annual fees and the less time they sit with an empty unit needing to go through the hassle of a re-sale. For the owner though, this results in stress, worry and difficulty.

In this case, the clients got in contact with us; we were able to review their situation and set out a plan for a fixed fee which resulted in Vistana taking back the ownership of the timeshare. Our client was able to enjoy the release from ever increasing maintenance fees and happily could move on with their lives without the burden of their timeshare hanging over them.  

Client 2 – Wanting to exit timeshare due to ill health and advancing age

The second clients we will review were suffering from ill health and were also getting older. They had been happy timeshare owners with Heritage Resorts for many years, but, due to their ill health and advancing ages they decided it was time to say goodbye to their holiday resort. Again, this client approached the timeshare company in an attempt to surrender their membership, but this was to no avail. Luckily, they had done their research and thought there might be grounds for their contract to be null and void anyway.

As timeshare contracts are very jargon heavy and complex, it can be incredibly tricky to work through without a trained solicitor. However, they came to us, and we explained our timeshare fixed exit fee. Within the space of a couple of months, Heritage had conceded to the client’s request to leave, and they terminated their contract. This client said, “We only wish that we had contacted him sooner and saved ourselves the worry of ever-increasing maintenance fees and the commitment to a resort we could no longer afford or use”. In a situation like this, it is always worth reaching out to a timeshare solicitor to consider your options. Don’t be trapped in a never-ending money burden.

Client 3 – Exiting a timeshare contract in-perpetuity

The last client we will look at in this article had a slightly different situation. Their timeshare contract was ‘in-perpetuity’. This simply means that it has no end date. The client’s realised that this meant ultimately the cost, and the liability of their timeshare would be passed to their children. This client had tried to rid their timeshare on their own but ended up wasting even more money trying to sell through agents, even meeting people who said that by paying several thousands they could take it off them. In the client’s own words “you soon realise that they all just want your money”. This, unfortunately, is often the case.

Despite having wasted valuable time and yet more money trying to sell their timeshare themselves, they were still desperate to ensure this burden would not be passed to their children, so they got in touch with us at Athena Law. We were able to help. They now have a relinquished timeshare and can decide where they want to go on holiday without being tied into an unfair agreement with no apparent way to get out of it.

My next steps?

If your story resonates with one of the three clients above, then we can help. So many people are trapped in timeshare and have even found that they cannot even gift a timeshare or give it away for free. Due to so many people wanting out, the secondary resale market is flooded, making it next to impossible often to actually sell your unit, unless you are willing to accept a significantly lower price than you paid. There are also many other stories and complexities of timeshare to navigate through, but, our expert solicitors know timeshare law inside-and-out and can provide their expert assistance to guide you to a resolution.

Get in touch with Athena Law today for professional, friendly advice that you can really trust. Our team of dedicated, expert solicitors will work closely with you to carefully consider your case and advise you on your legal rights. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position, and we may be able to help you too.

We want to know what is making you feel so unhappy about your agreement. Were you manipulated, coerced into purchase or lied to by your timeshare salesperson? Was the pitch you were given deceptive or untrue? This information could be relevant in helping us to get you out of your timeshare.

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