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Our Timeshare Services – Fixed Fees and No Win No Fee claims

At Athena Law we receive daily enquiries from consumers seeking assistance in terminating their timeshare and long term holiday contracts and seeking advice on the possibility of pursuing compensation claims either in the UK and in Spain.

Free Consultation

When consulting Athena, you will be asked to complete a fact finding questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain from clients the key information to enable us to identify whether or not the client has a realistic prospect of terminating their timeshare and/or obtaining compensation.

Fixed Fees and No Win No Fees

Your questionnaire will be reviewed free of charge.

You will be told from the outset whether or not you have a financial claim and how the claim will be funded.

If you have a viable case, you will be told the basis upon which we will be willing to act. Our terms will vary from case to case but generally how we like to operate is as follows:

  • Advice and timeshare termination  – fixed fee.
  • Financial Claim in the UK  –  no win no fee
  • Financial Claim in Spain  –  fixed fees and potential for funding. We have recently negotiated funding for such cases, depending on merit.  
  • Unlike other companies our fees are transparent. There are no deductions paid to claims management or marketing companies.  
  • You will be paying experienced solicitors direct.
  • Your case will be overseen by our Mr. Boyd and his team.

If you would like more information on our services, please email Mr. Boyd’s assistant: or via the link below.

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Athena Law

Athena Law is a boutique commercial law firm founded by Paul Willan, Richard Almond and Stephen Boyd in 2014.

The founding partners have collectively over 50 years experience as solicitors, having previously developed their careers as in house solicitors for FTSE 500 companies and large city centre practices. Athena was established so that the partners could focus on deliver partner lead, quality services to their business clients.

Since its foundation in 2014 Athena has gone from strength to strength, attracting leading practitioners in commercial litigation, corporate, commercial law, commercial employment and property. You can view full details of the Athena team on our main site via the link below.

The team at Athena Law

Stephen Boyd

Stephen heads up our commercial litigation team and has extensive experience in pursuing and defending proceedings through the courts, including the High Court and Court of Appeal. Stephen has been a solicitor for 15 years and during his career has dealt with a variety of high value and complex litigation matters up to and including the Court of Appeal.

In addition to his busy commercial practice, several years ago Stephen developed a niche practice in dealing with timeshare and long term holiday group litigation. This area of Stephen’s practice has grown over the years and he is recognised as one of the leaders in the field having been consulted regularly by the press and appearing in print, on radio and on television.

Stephen’s cases of interest in this field include:

Putting together a group action against banks connected with the purchase of products from Club la Costa.

Acting for hundreds of unhappy owners, on a collective basis, in connection with Macdonald Resorts timeshares.

Consulted by timeshare owners in dispute with Silverpoint following changes to the constitution of the timeshare club at Palm Beach Club in Tenerife.

Successfully defending claims brought by Petchey Leisure in 2011 against clients who were sued for refusing to pay maintenance fees, one of the only reported cases of a timeshare contract coming before a UK Judge.

Presently acting for hundreds of consumers in pursuing collectively multi-million pounds connected with a timeshare resale and exit scam operated by the Monster Travel Group.

Acting for Estates in terminating timeshare contracts on death of an owner, on the instructions of other solicitors acting as Executors.

Successfully challenging many hundreds of timeshare contracts, obtaining clients releases from these onerous contracts.

Putting together similar fact evidence cases, whereby all Athena clients share their evidence to assist one another in pursuing claims against banks under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

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