Timeshare Terror – how to escape the hellish timeshare trap
Timeshare Terror - how to escape the hellish timeshare trap

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘holiday’? Glowing sunsets, soft sandy beaches, glistening pools and palm trees? Perhaps it calls to mind memories of a time to unwind, relax and reconnect with friends and family. What better way to enjoy your holiday time than to secure a week in an exclusive, gorgeous resort that you can use time and time again without worries of rising holiday costs… well, at least that’s the dream that was sold to you in that timeshare sales pitch. In reality, as many of us, unfortunately, find out later – being an owner of a timeshare can become more like a hellish nightmare. What’s worse is that timeshare is a hellish nightmare that is almost impossible to escape.

One couple, Mr and Mrs Mackay, who wanted to sell their Diamond International timeshare in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands had found that their yearly maintenance fees had risen to an immense £1500 each year. Clearly, this is an unmanageable maintenance cost for most holidaymakers, especially when you take into consideration that the couple were struggling each year even to secure their preferred holiday dates. The couple needed out of their agreement, but like so many others they found that leaving their contract was incredibly difficult with the resort refusing to allow them out.

Unfortunately, this couple are not alone in feeling trapped in their timeshare, in fact, this article from the Mail Online earlier this week highlights many others in this same position. With so many people feeling trapped in a timeshare they want out of there are companies out there ready to cash in and take advantage of people’s’ vulnerabilities. The ITRA (International Timeshare Resale Association) has taken money off many of these people promising to help them finally escape their rising yearly fees and be free of their unwanted timeshares, even suggesting that without their help the burden would be passed onto their children and loved ones. As Halloween draws closer these companies leave a bitter twist on the words ‘trick or treat’ and in almost all cases clients end up being tricked out of their hard earned money.

While the burden of timeshare being passed on to your family is not an untruth, many companies do not act in your best interests when it comes to freeing you from your unwanted timeshare. Many individuals realise that even after paying out thousands of pounds to these types of companies they have been delivered with empty and unfulfilled promises. In some cases, even after paying upwards of £4,000 to the ITRA couples have waited over three years and in that time only been given a standardised complaints letter which has not helped them leave their timeshare. Many end up being stung twice – once by the timeshare fees and once again by an expensive company promising to help only to find out they have wasted more money and are still no closer to ending the nightmare.

A timeshare solicitor can fight to help you leave your timeshare. With expert knowledge in timeshare law and a wealth of experience in winning cases just like yours, you won’t be faced with yet more expense and no reward. It is fundamental that you carefully chose a trusted timeshare solicitor to help you – someone who has good recommendations and success stories in timeshare law. That’s where we can help. At Athena Law, we offer professional, friendly advice that you can trust. Athena Solicitors LLP provide a low-cost exit and no-win-no-fee timeshare compensation recovery service. We offer a free initial assessment to give you advice and make sure that we fully understand your situation. Our team of dedicated, expert timeshare solicitors will work closely with you to understand your situation and advise you on the next steps you can take if you decide you want to be free of your timeshare. We can help you ensure that your family and loved ones will not have to bear the burden of an unwanted timeshare. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position, and we may be able to help you too.

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