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Top reasons to leave your timeshare

A holiday is defined as a time of relaxation and enjoyment, and it should be precisely that. Holidays are a time to unwind, let go of the stresses of work and everyday life and reconnect. They should be an eagerly anticipated, fun time away with family and friends or even a chance for some time alone to de-stress. Holidays are a time to make lasting memories and enjoy a well-deserved break. A holiday should not cause any feelings of stress, worry or frustration, but unfortunately, some people who are trapped in an unwanted timeshare agreement are faced with these types of problems each year. Timeshares can mean being forced to return to locations we aren’t excited about and stressing over availability.

These are just two of the reasons that can make you dread your timeshare holiday and below we’ve put together our top reasons why you need to take steps to leave your timeshare:  

Zero flexibility

When we first sign up to timeshare the idea that we always have a set week and all we have to do is book flights can seem like a dream. However, pretty soon it becomes clear that life can have other plans and there may be many times when the week you own isn’t actually the ideal time for you to take your holiday. This results in the stress of trying to swap, sell or exchange your week. Often, these options don’t work out meaning you still pay your maintenance but don’t even get to use your property. More likely than not you still want your well-earned break, so you pay for a different holiday at a different time and end up spending double of your own hard earned money.

Rising maintenance costs

This brings us to reason two: maintenance fees. You are not alone in feeling anxious and frustrated by yearly increasing maintenance fees. You may even be starting to worry that you can’t actually stretch to cover the costs and realising that you could be finding much cheaper holiday alternatives to the timeshare you’ve taken out, a timeshare that you technically have ownership in but aren’t seeing any benefits from. Worse still, the resort might not even look as maintained as it once did leaving you to wonder: “Where on earth is all my money actually going?”.

Deterioration in the upkeep of the resort

As if the rising maintenance is not enough of a problem on its own, you may think that as your fees go up, the quality of your resort is actually on the down. How can this be? Well, as more and more owners leave and get rid of their timeshares and ownership, there is less money from fees to go around resulting in a resort that is not kept as beautifully as it once was. Older resorts can be even more of a problem as your money is likely going to structural improvements rather than towards the upkeep of the grounds. You can request to see where your maintenance fee is going and whether you agree with this but the fee is something that will never go away.


We can all be creatures of habit, and at the time of signing up to your timeshare, it may have been that you loved the location and resort so much you couldn’t imagine ever getting bored there. However, it has now become tiresome visiting the same restaurants, same places and seeing the same people year on year. You may want some adventure, some excitement back in your holiday experiences but are feeling trapped financially into having to go back to the same resort. You could get into a timeshare exchange to see other places in the world, just be careful as many people who do this find that the resorts they go to aren’t places they would have chosen and it can even become more of a burden than your original property.

So, there are a wealth of reasons that you may be finding apply to you, and you’re probably left thinking “But, what can I do about this, I’ve signed a contract?”. That’s where we come in. Get in touch with Athena Law today for professional, friendly advice that you can really trust. Our team of dedicated, expert solicitors will work closely with you to understand your frustrations and advise you on the next steps you can take if you decide you want to be free of your timeshare. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position, and we may be able to help you too.

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