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Many timeshare owners often wonder why they can’t just hand their timeshare back and say goodbye forever.

Many timeshare owners often wonder why they can’t just hand their timeshare back and say goodbye forever. Some timeshare owners simply can’t use their timeshare anymore or just want to be rid of the responsibility of all the fees. Maybe it’s due to illness, the boredom of visiting the same location or yearly increasing, high costs that mean that they want to pass it back; whatever your reason for wanting to leave, timeshare companies don’t allow you to exit your contract and walk away easily. They want you to stay paying annual fees and maintenance costs for decades to come.
When you purchased the timeshare, you signed a contract which legally bound you into paying for that property or resort. So, when you want to leave that contract you can’t just ‘call it quits’ and walk away – there are many hurdles and hoops to jump through first, and sometimes the only way to actually leave is to enlist the help of a specialist timeshare solicitor. A timeshare company will usually not take back your contract and allow you to exit freely due to the administration costs, maintenance fees and transfer of ownership charges.


If the resort started letting everyone hand back their timeshare weeks, then they would be liable for the maintenance fees during that time. That leaves them with more outgoings and less profit, which isn’t a feasible option for them as a business. If they start making exceptions for you, everyone else will expect this too. By having you remain in your contract, they get maintenance costs and your annual fees which help generate more money and profit for them and it’s the easiest option for them to keep you on board.


To a timeshare company, expressing your desire to exit your contract can be another way for them to think about making more profit off you. If, because of your circumstances you want to abandon your timeshare, their sales team may contact you and offer alternative weeks, upgrades or downgrades, exchange systems – all of which will actually cost you more money and none of which result in you exiting your contract. As people can’t exit the contract as quickly as they want to, many often go for these options seeing them as a partial way out. However, the reality is that many just end up giving the company more money only to still be stuck with a timeshare and needing specialist help in the months or years to come.  Even if none of these options is enough to entice you to give up on your desire to leave the timeshare, they will offer you their alleged resale option, which is just a further way for them to make money as resale is often difficult, if not impossible in many situations.


Even on the rare occasion that someone has been able to give their timeshare back to the resort, there is still many difficulties and further agreements to sign. They are liable for the administration costs that the resort forces them to pay and most people are made to sign a contract which states that they cannot file for compensation, which seems unfair to many. With so much money put into their timeshares over the years or decades, it is only fair that people get something back from it. Instead, timeshare companies make sure that all the money you have paid remains theirs, despite your unhappy time at the resort or the various years you may have given up visiting.


So, it’s a long answer to the question: Why can’t I just give back my timeshare? For the reasons above, expect this to be a difficult process and be ready to invest lots of time and effort into leaving your contract or consider using the help of a professional.

A timeshare solicitor can fight to help you leave your timeshare. With expert knowledge in timeshare law and a wealth of experience in winning cases just like yours, you won’t be faced with yet more expense and no reward. It is fundamental that you carefully chose a trusted timeshare solicitor to help you – someone who has good recommendations and success stories in timeshare law. That’s where we can help. At Athena Law, we offer professional, friendly advice that you can trust. Athena Solicitors LLP provide a low-cost exit and no-win-no-fee timeshare compensation recovery service. We offer a free initial assessment to give you advice and make sure that we fully understand your situation. Our team of dedicated, expert timeshare solicitors will work closely with you to understand your situation and advise you on the next steps you can take if you decide you want to be free of your timeshare. We can help you ensure that your family and loved ones will not have to bear the burden of an unwanted timeshare. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position, and we may be able to help you too.

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