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We know that you are probably here reading this because you feel trapped and stuck in a timeshare agreement that you do not want to be in. You are not alone in this feeling, in fact, we believe that many people would never have signed their timeshare agreement in the first place had they been given honest, transparent information and had been made fully aware of the conditions of their contract and the repercussions in the long term.

Timeshare companies can make it extremely difficult to exit your contract leaving you feeling frustrated and unsure of your options or where to go next. Although it is illegal to sell a timeshare that has no definite end date or one that exceeds 50 years, timeshare resorts can trap you in a contract that is very close to the 50-year deadline. This may actually exceed your lifetime depending on the age you were when you took out the agreement. The repercussions of this on dependents and loved ones you leave behind can be devastating as your timeshare could very well be passed on to them after you pass away leaving them with the liability of payment until the end of the contract term. You may not have even been aware of this clause in your contract, and again this is just one of the many reasons we believe it is so important to act now to dispute your timeshare agreement.

If you were left unclear on how long your timeshare agreement would be for or were led to believe that you could exit your contract at any time, then you may have been sold your timeshare under misrepresentation. The good news for you is that misrepresentation can give grounds to exit your agreement, the downside is that it can be extremely difficult to prove as most of the evidence is tied up within the contract itself. It can turn into a very long process for you with only your word against theirs. This is where a timeshare solicitor can really help you as they will know exactly what to look for in the contract to make a compelling case and help you exit your unwanted timeshare.

Even without a misrepresentation at the start of your contract, you may have grounds to exit your contract due to other circumstances. Accommodation is often not clearly explained. You may have been promised exclusivity in the resort only to find that actually anyone can book their holiday at the resort meaning there was no need for you to purchase a timeshare. You may have been promised high-quality accommodation for every holiday, and although it is true that you can use the accommodation, the quality is not what was sold to you and may actually be much more basic than you were initially led to believe. It could even be the case that your timeshare resort started out the quality you expected but over the years has begun to deteriorate and apparently is not being maintained despite your maintenance upkeep fees. If this sounds like what you have been going through, it is time to act now to dispute your agreement. A really good idea is to collect evidence through photographs or the original brochure you were given that detailed the expected quality as these items can be beneficial in your case. Again, this can be a complicated process, but with an expert timeshare solicitor on your side, your chances of winning and exiting your contract are made much higher.

What are my next steps?

Get in touch with Athena Law today for professional, friendly advice that you can really trust. Our team of dedicated, expert timeshare solicitors will work closely with you to carefully consider your case and advise you on your legal rights. We have years of experience in this industry and many success stories for clients who have been in your position, and we may be able to help you too. We promise to beat any quote you are given and if we feel there are strong grounds for your case we may be willing to represent you on a no win no fee basis.

We want to know what is making you feel so unhappy about your agreement. Were you manipulated, coerced into the purchase or lied to by your timeshare salesperson? Was the pitch you were given deceptive or untrue? This information could be relevant in helping us to get you out of your timeshare.

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