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Many timeshare companies have breached timeshare, consumer and contract legislation. We know your rights and can help you to terminate your timeshare contract. In some cases we can even help you reclaim YOUR money.

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Athena Law’s expert Timeshare Solicitors will ensure you are provided with the best options based upon your individual circumstances. 

Our experienced Timeshare team can offer guidance and help for every aspect of Timeshare termination issues.

We offer all prospective Timeshare clients a no-obligation, free initial telephone consultation as part of our service.  

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We will help you explore your options should you feel that your timeshare is not working for you.

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I offer a free, initial consultation to go over the details of your particular circumstances and advise you on whether your timeshare is capable of being terminated and if you have an entitlement to financial compensation.

Stephen Boyd of Athena Law, specialist timeshare solicitor

Stephen Boyd - Specialist Timeshare Solicitor