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Why choose Athena Law Solicitors?

While the promise of a shared home in the sun can be an attractive option, all too often timeshare customers find themselves trapped by costly agreements they no longer want, or can afford.

At Athena Law we can help you with a range of timeshare
disputes, including where:

  • You have been mis-sold a timeshare.
  • You have been pressurised into signing a
    timeshare agreement.
  • You can no longer afford your timeshare
  • You have become the victim of unexpected and
    excessive maintenance fees.
  • The conditions under which the contract was
    signed have changed.

Athena Law are a firm of solicitors and what we do is as follows:

Review contractual documents and purchase history.

  • Advise clients of the legal grounds for termination –misrepresentation, unfair consumer contract terms and (if applicable) breach of mandatory Spanish Law.
  • In selected cases we may be willing to act on a ‘no win
    no fee’ basis. We also have a relationship with trusted
    Spanish Lawyers who have agreed to work on a fixed
    fee basis.
  • Write to the resort and set out all the legal grounds,
    referring to relevant statutes, regulations and case law

In summary, therefore, the options for exiting a Timeshare are: 

  • Sell your timeshare to a third party. 
  • Negotiate an exit arrangement with the resort yourself. 
  • Employ a solicitor to terminate on lawful grounds.
Stephen Boyd of Athena Law, specialist timeshare solicitor
Stephen Boyd of Athena Solicitors LLP. SRA ID: 608168.

Why choose Stephen Boyd, Specialist Timeshare Solicitor?

Having represented hundreds of timeshare owners over the years, Stephen Boyd has extensive experience helping to release clients from inherently unfair and unenforceable timeshare contracts, and bringing claims connected and/or arising from the sale of timeshare and similar products.

Stephen Boyd has acted for clients in connection with contentious matters for over 15 years, and have frequently taken cases to the High Court and the Court of Appeal and represented consumers in Group Actions. With a network of barristers and lawyers in other jurisdictions Stephen ensures that his client’s rights are robustly defended.

If you are trapped into a timeshare you no longer want or can afford, or are concerned about inheritance, or feel that you have been the subject of a resale and/or exit scam Stephen Boyd offers a free, initial consultation to go over the details of your particular circumstances and advise you on whether your particular timeshare is capable of being terminated and if you have an entitlement to financial compensation either in the UK, Spain or any other Jurisdiction.

For a free, no obligation discussion to find out more about how Athena Law can help you, please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Boyd directly for more information on 0161 839 8847 or by using the contact form on this website. 

Timeshare Termination Service Explained

Our role is to represent clients in the legal dispute which arises from the
contract they signed. The term “timeshare termination” is often confused with the concept of disposal. In reality ‘termination’ means
the unilateral bringing to an end of a contractual relationship. The industry adopts the position that clients are locked into a contract for a lengthy period (sometimes in perpetuity) without any means of bringing this arrangement to an end.

Athena Law offers a fixed fee service to terminate on lawful grounds.

Take a look at our range of expert timeshare dispute services

At Athena Law, we offer a free, initial consultation to go over the details of your particular case and advise you on whether you have a viable claim. 

Timeshare dispute resolution

With a focus on resolution rather than litigation, wherever possible we make sure your case is settled before going to court. In fact, in most cases, we’ve found that timeshare companies agree to release, rather than risk an adverse court decision.

So that you’re free from your timeshare burden and able to get on with the rest of your life as quickly and as painlessly as possible. 

Timeshare termination

Timeshare agreements are complex legal documents. And that is why it is important you seek and receive the best possible legal advice and that the correct legal grounds for terminating your timeshare are applied.

Experts in timeshare law, with fixed-price and no-win-no fee options available, we help to resolve your timeshare problems without you having to worry about escalating costs. 

Timeshare compensation recovery

If you buy goods and services on finance as opposed to paying by cash or cheque, you are afforded an extra level of protection should things go wrong.

So, as well as helping you and your family to exit your unwanted timeshare agreement, our team of timeshare dispute experts will also advise on whether you have any potential grounds for a compensation claim. 

Need advice?

Brochure: Timeshare termination and compensation server explained.

We've helped a lot of people get out of their timeshare contracts


Most frequent questions and answers

We can help you where: 

•  You have been mis-sold a timeshare 

•   You have been pressurised into signing a timeshare agreement 

•   You can no longer afford your timeshare 

•   You have been sold an unfair contract (including in perpetuity clauses)

•   You have become the victim of unexpected and excessive maintenance fees

•   The conditions under which the contract was signed have changed

•   You have been the victim of a scam company which promised to help you sell your timeshare property.

In addition, where the timeshare has been purchased with the assistance of finance, we may also be able to help with claims made against the bank (or finance company) which provided the loan/credit.

That’s easy, just speak to Athena Law first.  Don’t fall pray to companies that promise to buy your unwanted Timeshare or secure your release from your Timeshare contract, often they will want you to hand-over significant amounts of money, only for you to end up right back where you were – retaining your original unwanted Timeshare obligation.

Athena Law’s expert Timeshare solicitors offer a free initial consultation to see if we can help you legally release your Timeshare. So what are you waiting for? Talk to us today for a free, no-obligation assessment.

We find that even though many clients are simply happy to terminate their membership and end any obligations of timeshare ownership, some clients choose to seek compensation too.

Assessment of the prospects of succeeding in a claim for compensation can be complex. Each case is different and the answer will depend on a number of factors including the law governing the contract, what if any allegations you have against the resort and/or finance company, what evidence you have to support them and whether the defendant is able to pay. company.

With a wealth of experience in this field, and contacts with European lawyers, we can offer detailed advice based on current legislation and your particular circumstances.

We can advise if your case is impacted by recent judgements, and if you might have any possible claim to compensation.

Although rarely necessary in Timeshare litigation, we have the right of audience in court, which a paralegal company does not.

In addition, you might find we are considerably cheaper than Paralegal companies.

As soon as we receive your enquiry, one of our experienced team will be in touch to learn more about your individual situation.  All of our team have detailed knowledge of the timeshare industry and will be able to advise you on what your options are.

We will assess your current situation and provide advice on whether we believe your timeshare was unlawfully sold to you. We will also provide advice on whether there are potential grounds for compensation against the timeshare company. 

If we believe you have a valid case, we can act on your behalf to legally challenge the timeshare resort to release you from your timeshare contract and start to put together a case to fight for compensation on your behalf.

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I offer a free, initial consultation to go over the details of your particular circumstances and advise you on whether your timeshare is capable of being terminated and if you have an entitlement to financial compensation.

Stephen Boyd of Athena Law, specialist timeshare solicitor

Stephen Boyd - Specialist Timeshare Solicitor