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A selection of reviews from our satisfied clients

I am emailing to thank you for the service given by Athena Law to resolve our claim successfully against with RBS. Thanks for your swift attention at all times and clear instructions to help us to gather evidence to move the case forward. Additionally, we appreciated being kept up to date at all times with the progress of our claim. I would recommend Athena Law to anyone with a similar claim as it was dealt with very efficiently giving us peace of mind.

We owned our timeshare for a number of years, but despite approaching Vistana on numerous occasions they offered no assistance when we tried to relinquish ownership. We found Stephen Boyd from Athena Law and emailed him, Stephen replied almost immediately setting out a plan with a fixed fee. The assistance and advice Stephen has given has been excellent resulting in Vistana taking back ownership, relieving us of the ever increasing maintenance fees. We would certainly recommend Stephen Boyd and Athena Law to anyone who needs assistance with a timeshare. Excellent Service, thank you Stephen and Athena Law.

I first encountered the name of “Athena Law” whilst researching the activities of a leisure credit group of companies and their associates. My wife and I suspected that we had been miss-sold a package of “credits”. I discovered that Athena Law was representing other persons in a similar situation. Initially I attempted to claim back our monies directly from the credit card provider and the bank concerned with the sale transaction. Having had the claim rejected by the bank and demands for more information by the credit card, which I did provide, I copied a substantial file of documents to Athena Law seeking advice on how to proceed. Within a few days of submission I received a personal telephone call from Stephen Boyd. Stephen talked me through the procedures available to me. This resulted in me agreeing that Athena Law would act on my behalf. Further documents were provided and a witness statement was prepared. In all my contact with Athena Law I found that full and clear explanations were provided and I found them to be very professional in their approach to me. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a firm of solicitors and should I have any further need of help and advice, pertaining to English Law (I live in Scotland) I will contact Athena Law in the first instance.

Highly recommend the team at Athena Law who assisted me with a family property dispute that I’d been struggling with for 10 years prior to instructing Athena Law.

To provide some background; I’d previously canvassed 2 alternative law firms who didn’t seem to have a clue what to do about my legal problem and led me believe any hope of success was futile.

Thanks to the Law Society I came across Stephen Boyd and team. Stephen is highly knowledgeable and was extremely transparent regarding timescale, costs, risks, financial returns and my chances of success. The expert handling of my case was nothing short of brilliant, especially when the other party attempted delay tactics and were generally uncooperative. Results came incredibly quickly once I’d hired Athena Law. Observing the pace at which progress was being made with my case bolstered my confidence and personal resilience significantly. This is especially beneficial when fighting a difficult financial dispute alone.

As a result of Stephen’s tenacity and expertise I achieved success and financial freedom from a joint mortgage arrangement. I highly recommend the Athena Law team especially if you have a property or financial dispute to resolve. The successful outcome of my case has been life changing and I can’t thank the Athena Law team enough for their legal expertise especially at a time when I had given up hope of ever achieving justice. Thanks so much!

We approached Athena Law about my Mother's Timeshare ownership and getting out of her contract. Having completed some background information and sending it in to Stephen, he suggested asking the company if we could get out of it which we had not thought about doing! Having followed Stephen's advice and contacted the timeshare company I am pleased to say that we no longer own it and will not be paying any more maintenance fees. I really appreciate this sound advice and am grateful to Athena Law for giving it to me. I know I have not had to use them completely in this instance but I would certainly approach them in the future should I need to as I feel they are a genuinely caring company.

Athena Law Solicitors very reliable and trusted solicitors. I would not think of any other solicitors to contact if you need to terminate your timeshare ownership. We have been given professional advice from the start to the end. Excellent customer service and prompt responses to our queries. Would recommend to everyone who needs termination of their timeshare ownership, advice and reclaim. They helped us to terminate our ownership, many thanks to Stephen Boyd.

We had been wanting to relinquish our Diamond Resorts points, which we had owned for almost 20 years, and had tried using Diamond’s recommended selling agent with no success at all. We then took advice from a release company who suggested we would have to pay solicitors cost of £5000.

On the off chance I rang Athena Law and the advice given resulted in a swift and cost free release from our 14,000 points. Many thanks to Stephen Boyd who advised us in a truly professional, candid and effective way. We can recommend him without hesitation.

Having been a timeshare owner with Heritage Resorts for a number of years, due to ill health and advancing age we approached them to surrender our membership to no avail. Believing the timeshare to be null and void anyway, we approached Stephen Boyd of Athena Law to exit us from this contract. We used his Timeshare Fixed Exit Fee option which worked wonderfully. Within the space of a couple of months Heritage had conceded to our request and terminated our contract. We cannot thank Stephen enough for the efficient service he provided.

We only wish that we had contacted him sooner and saved ourselves the worry of ever increasing maintenance fees and the commitment to a resort we could no longer afford or use

Our timeshare was 'in-perpetuity' meaning that the liability past to our children.

Having wasted money on trying to sell through agents and even meeting people who said that by paying several thousands they could take it off us, you soon realise that they all just want your money.

Stephen at Athena Law was a refreshing change, he had a clear understanding of what was possible, comprised a well presented challenge to the timeshare company and then an expedient resolution.

Today we have relinquished the timeshare and could not be happier; tomorrow we can decide where we want to vacation and not be tied into an unfair agreement with previously no apparent way to get out of it.

I cannot recommend Stephen and Athena Law highly enough.

Let us help you deal with your timeshare problems.

Mr Boyd has represented my wife and I on two different occasions. We would like to take the opportunity to thank him sincerely for the successful closure he worked towards on both cases.

I would like to add that the settlements he achieved well exceeded our expectations.

The team at Athena Law I feel are friendly, courteous and at the top of their profession. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Stephen Boyd and all of the team at Athena Law.

Once again, our sincere thanks for all you have achieved for us.

I really must thank you for giving me peace of mind. I needed a person to take on my problem and explain where I stood and how to deal with my unfair, in perpetuity timeshare contract.

After reading my correspondence with Petchey/MGM you were very open about how long it would take and what it involved and after speaking with you I felt reassured. I would not hesitate to recommend you to people in the same position as I was.

May we take this opportunity of thanking you for releasing us from our time share obligations. At least one thing less to worry about at night.

We have just had confirmation from the Resort that we have now relinquished our membership. We both want to thank you for your help in this matter and wish you continued success in action against these timeshare companies.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work, skills and expertise in the termination of the timeshare contract. You have saved me an awful lot of worry and I am very grateful.

He reviewed all the papers I sent him, then explained why there was nothing else he needed to do....All in 24 hours...WOW ...professional service that is.


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