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Fake timeshare lawyers finally to be held accountable?

With so many people desperate to be free from their timeshare contracts for numerous reasons, the industry is filled with companies out there who can help. Unfortunately, while there are qualified, expert solicitors who can legally help their clients, the timeshare industry is also rife with fake timeshare lawyers, who despite their self-given title, are …

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Timeshare Trap

If, like many other people in your position, your timeshare is beginning to feel less like a luxury and more like a financial burden, then it may be time to start looking for professional help (from specialist SRA regulated solicitors) to say goodbye to your unwanted timeshare. Here at Athena Law, we pride ourselves on …

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unwanted timeshare resorts

Has Meredith Pritchard opened itself up to compensation claims?

How do unregulated timeshare firms operate? Working in timeshare law, we are unfortunately accustomed to how unregulated companies are operating in the industry. We typically see companies that are being run by unregulated, uninsured directors who charge extortionate fees for their services. Often, these ‘timeshare law’ companies are run by successful ex-timeshare salesmen, but the …

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Azure Resorts Scandal

Azure timeshare scandal

When we observe reports in the media, it seems there is no end to the timeshare scandal’s that are being unveiled in recent years. From Timeshare fraud to issues of misrepresentation and bully tactics within the industry there is an increasingly negative representation of Timeshare – and for legitimate reasons. The name ‘Azure Timeshare’ has …

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